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Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

We believe in educating our clients and helping them select the proper amount of insurance for their needs. Our number one priority is to protect your family from any unforeseen event that may be a burden to your family in the future. An affordable auto insurance premium is important, but having a good insurance company that will pay your claims is important too!

Are you paying more than you need to for auto insurance? A number of things affect the cost of your premium, including: the type of car you drive, the cost of your deductible, the insurance company you pick, and the number of policies you have with that company.

The next time you're on the road, think about this: Approximately one of every four Texas drivers on the road has no automobile insurance. With that many people driving without coverage, it's more important to know what your limits are.

One of the first steps to take to reduce your auto insurance premium is to compare quotes from different companies. As independent agents, we can help you look at quotes from a number of top insurance companies and choose the one that best fits your budget.

Auto Insurance Tips

If you get a new car, your current insurance will typically automatically cover it for about 20 days. The type of coverage depends on whether the car is an additional or replacement car. An additional car gets the same coverage as the car with the most coverage on your policy. A replacement car gets the same coverage as the car it replaces on your policy.

If you cause an accident while driving a borrowed car, the car owner’s insurance pays claims. If the owner doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough to pay for the damages and injuries you caused, your insurance should pay.

Mexico doesn’t recognize American auto policies. Some companies offer endorsements for short trips into Mexico, but the coverage might not meet Mexico’s legal requirements. If you’re driving into Mexico, you should buy a Mexican liability insurance policy.

Two options for covering your young drivers: You can add them to your policy, or you can buy a separate policy for them. Adding them to your policy is usually the cheaper option.

What if the other driver’s insurance company refuses to pay my claim?
If you believe the other driver was at fault, but his or her insurance company won’t pay your claim, file a claim with your own insurance company. You must have collision coverage to do this. Be aware that if you file a claim with your own company, you’ll have to pay a deductible.


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